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Apply for coworking space at AGENCY hubs at CIC and build your company among experts and entrepreneurs.  Launch a new venture or establish a foothold in new markets at CIC's in 10+ cities (and growing).

Attend AGENCY events to raise awareness, dig deep, and meet thought leaders who are shaping the future of aging.  Co-produce events with us to give your ideas, and your talent, visibility with potential collaborators.

Join AGENCY's global community to be in the flow of ideas and forge relationships with industry influencers.  Share your expertise to remove bottlenecks that stifle innovation.

Partner with AGENCY & Captains of Innovation to source strategic agetech solutions for your company and help innovators achieve scale in the global market.  Position your brand as a pioneer in aging well.

AGENCY is a vibrant 'concentrator' of innovators and influencers with a shared mission to improve the aging journey for all.   AGENCY members are each building companies with creative solutions to extend healthy lifespans, make everyday living a bit better for older consumers and caregivers, blend high-touch with high-tech solutions that can scale, and solve systemic issues for the world's rapidly aging populations. 


We believe in the power of proximity and community to foster innovation.   Working in a trusted ecosystem means your connections are stronger, your creativity is more fluid, and your company milestones are more attainable.  AGENCY offers ecosystem-as-a-service and workspace at CIC's (Cambridge Innovation Centers) worldwide for startups, corporates, and organizations to stimulate aging-focused ideas and provide pathways to commercialization.  


All members and partners uphold the core values of AGENCY:

     (1) Elder-centric Ethos with empathy and delight for older people at the heart of their approach; 

     (2) Evidence with solutions that leverage solid science, field research, or lived experiences, and

     (3) Economics with viable business models honed through pilots, collaboration, and hard work. 

Join us as a strategic partner to pilot new ideas and invest in the ecosystem, or as a startup to launch your venture at AGENCY hubs @CIC's.  Together, we are a dynamic cross-sector community with common goals to bring joy, choice, comfort, safety, and vitality for individuals as they age, and for families, caregivers, providers, agencies, payors, policymakers, investors, and institutions to thrive in an age-friendly world.  We look forward to collaborating with you!

Upcoming Events



juL 9

4:00-5:00PM ET


Venture Cafe Cambridge

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 5.12.47 PM.png

Ask Me Anything: How to Design and Scale Innovative Consumer Goods for the World's Aging Populations 

Procter & Gamble, P &G Ventures

Learn from the world's largest CPG company how to (1) adapt your innovation for a meaningful number of older consumers; (2) develop a brand strategy that resonates; (3) overcome hurdles in manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory, and marketing; and (4) access global markets.

Presented by Chetan Parekh, Innovation Portfolio Leader, P&G Ventures; with host Danielle D. Duplin



juL 14

1pM-4PM ET




AGENCY Member discount available


Reframing Aging: Powerful Ways to Communicate without Ageism

Tufts Health Plan Foundation and AgeStrong Boston

Do your marketing campaigns and product strategies reflect an ageism bias or outdated stereotypes that are limiting your company growth? Bring your collateral to this hands-on Master Class Workshop to transform your marcomm with powerful messaging techniques that resonate with older consumers and authentically communicate with the world's aging populations.

Facilitated by Alrie McNiff Daniels, Senior Communications Officer for Tufts Health Plan Foundation (and certified FrameWorks Institute Facilitator); Cassy Baptista, Director of Communications, City of Boston; with host Danielle D. Duplin



juL 16

4pM-5:30PM ET


Venture Cafe Cambridge

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.51.27 PM.png

AGENCY Pitchfest for Vitality

AARP Innovation Labs

How might we improve the vitality of older adults with innovation for well-being, fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle?


Join us at Virtual Venture Cafe and watch high growth startups as they pitch their creative solutions to help people choose how they live as they age.  You'll meet expert judges and influencers in the agetech community, and see which startup advances to the AARP Innovation Labs Grand Pitch Finale.

with host Danielle D. Duplin

Global Call for Startups: Apply to Collaborate

What does it take to scale innovation for older adults to thrive at home? 

Your game-changing startup for ADLs meets a multinational, multi-billion dollar, multi-faceted consumer goods corporation with brands that have been trusted by people for over 180 years . . .

AGENCY is collaborating with Procter & Gamble Ventures to scale ideas that help people age with choice and dignity. 

The biggest threat to thriving at home as we age is the ability to maintain self-care for our Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) . . .


Do you have a solution to:

  • De-risk Showering

  • Improve Personal Hygiene 

  • Manage Continence (and UTI) 

  • Detect and Encourage Hydration

  • Maintain Skin Health 

  • Strengthen Mobility and Prevent Falls 


Does your solution:

  • Solve a hard problem in a dignified way 

  • Address the needs of both the older adult and those who care for them

  • Involve a fast-moving consumable product that is used frequently with noticeable superiority,  

  • Have early proof that people want to try it, like it, and want to use it again.

Are you looking for a recognized brand leader and channel partner who can help you:

  • Adapt and refine your innovation for a meaningful number of older consumers 

  • Develop a brand strategy that resonates

  • Overcome manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory, and marketing hurdles

  • Access global markets ?



Call for Startups: Apply to Pitch

AGENCY Pitchfest

for Vitality

sponsored by:


The AGENCY Pitchfest for Vitality, sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs, seeks to identify and showcase the most promising startups with solutions that empower people to choose how they live as they age.  We invite you to apply if you are a startup that enhances the vitality of the world’s aging population with a novel agetech product or service, focused on the well-being, nutrition, fitness, or lifestyle of older adults!  Selected startups will pitch, demo, and field questions from expert judges at the AGENCY Pitchfest @ Virtual VentureCafe on July 16th, 2020.  You'll also get exposure in front of a global virtual audience of industry leaders in aging & longevity, as well as to potential investors, collaborators, and customers. Top winners earn an opportunity to compete for the 2020 Innovator in Aging Award at the national AARP Innovation Labs Grand Pitch Finale 2020 in the fall. 


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AGENCY is a hub for collective impact where innovators improve the aging journey for all.  AGENCY offers ecosystem-as-a-service, premium coworking space at CIC's in 10 cities, and thought leadership programs.  We help corporates to source solutions, innovators to scale products to market, and founders to grow companies that serve the world's aging populations.  Together, we can reduce the stress and enhance the joy of growing older worldwide.


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