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We have agency to bring peace of mind . . .

  • WatchRx:  smart watch for med reminders and location tracking

  • Insightfil:  instrumented medication packaging for traceability

We have agency to design for joy, not stigma . . . 

  • SweetMobility:  fashionable cane wraps

  • Attn: Grace: discreet continence wear

  • Life-Notes:  capturing life stories for posterity

We have agency to solve for possibilities, not just decline . . .

  • eMotionRx: strength-based mobility rehab devices

  • Sunu: wearable for the blind  to navigate safely

We have agency to feel right at home . . .

  • CareClever:  companion robot & virtual activities platform

  • HomeAgain Transitions:  downsizing for senior living

  • MA Housing Navigator:  dynamic compendium of eligible low-income housing

We have agency to care for caregivers . . .

  • MeetCaregivers:  caregiver matchmaking and daily care management platform

  • Care.Off:  caregiver scheduling for shift flexibility & better job satisfaction

  • urCare:  care co-ordination for acute care between home, hospital, rehab

  • Care-Wallet:  financial planning for the hidden costs of eldercare


We have agency to push the boundaries of science to extend healthy lifespans . . . 

  • imaginostics:  quantitative neurovascular imaging biomarkers to map brain health

  • ReactNeuro:  digital diagnostics to measure cognitive decline

  • Slumbr:  digital therapeutics for sleep disorders and early stage dementia

  • Juvenescence:  life sciences treatments for chronic illness associated with aging

We have agency to invest in an age-friendly future . . . 

  • Age-Friendly Ventures:  travel, jobs, and purpose in retirement

  • TechU Ventures




Chronic Illness

Caregiver Burden

Financial Stress

Cognitive Decline

Economic Drain

Elder Abuse




Dignity & Purpose

Health & Well-Being

Service-Enriched Homes

Social Connections

Quality Caregiving

Mobility & Access

Economic Contribution

Empathy & Advocacy



AGENCY is a hub for collective impact where innovators improve the aging journey for all.  AGENCY offers ecosystem-as-a-service, premium coworking space at CIC's in 10 cities, and thought leadership programs.  We help corporates to source solutions, innovators to scale products to market, and founders to grow companies that serve the world's aging populations.  Together, we can reduce the stress and enhance the joy of growing older worldwide.


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