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AGENCY and Captains of Innovation

help corporate partners to discover, pilot, and commercialize innovative strategies and solutions


Captains of Innovation (COI) and AGENCY work with corporate partners to deep-dive on the possibilities for aging and longevity innovation.  We help you spark ideas for next-generation products and services, find new technologies, discover adjacencies, build innovative business models, and connect with startups.  Engagements are priced to scope, and can include (but not limited to):



Startup Connect:

Based on your corporate criteria or "shopping list"  -- e.g. on technologies, solutions, areas of interest, adjacencies, or criteria inspired by a prior Captains engagement, such as the Think Tank –– Captains will expertly research and heavily vet across its vast network to curate 10-12 meetings with startups in a city, a region, or globally.  The scouting efforts can also culminate in a corporate-branded public Pitchfest at Venture Cafe to further attract more innovators to your corporate strategy.


Mindset Shift Workshop:

Captains of Innovation can convene an immersive, facilitated Mindset Shift Workshop to assist in moving the needle on burning internal issues, corporate venturing, and innovation strategy. Captains calibrates the tone and includes external experts specifically to the needs of the group –– even those who are workshop-resistant –– while developing a strategic path forward.


Weak Ties + Executive Tours:

Strong ties are people, models, approaches, or organizations well known and influential to you, but "weak ties" are often the more crucial building block in innovation. Exposure to new weak ties can often lead to powerful ideas and unexpected synergistic connections.  Captains can curate and host strategically composed Weak Tie introductions (half-day, full-day, or multi-day), discovery meetings, and tours with select ecosystem players (eg. lab heads, VC’s, etc.), designed to position your senior executives or innovation teams to create high-level relationships. 


Think Tanks and Implementation Framing:

The Implementation Framing is a 3-5 day workshop that provides the discovery space for a full understanding of the corporation’s core competencies, internal challenges, and competitive landscape, and orders the remainder of the engagement for projected solutions.  The effort immerses a diverse group of the corporate partner’s staff –– typically 7-12 individuals from across departments or business units –– to collectively surface problems and pursue an innovation roadmap.  The facilitated workshop incorporates guest experts and key innovation players, and will produce an innovation assessment of the company, as well as robust avenues of pursuit and game-changing ideas for the partner’s future direction, with Captains and beyond.

"Reimagining Longevity Ideathon"
by Captains of Innovation was the inspiration for AGENCY
let's work together to inspire your next innovation initiative for living longer & aging better 
Reimagining Longevity Ideathon Sept. 2017 Video

Reimagining Longevity Ideathon Sept. 2017 Video

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