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Age is an Asset

The Founders Over 55 Club is a collegial community of company founders in our encore careers.  We start and build thriving businesses where our age and lifelong experiences are an asset. The F55+ Club shares best practices for success, celebrates each others' professional and personal journies, and champions an age-friendly business ecosystem.

The Founders Over 55 Club is an inclusive member-led club that welcomes entrepreneurs of ALL ages, stages, and backgrounds.  We host events, foster community, and make connections that help each other build our companies.

Join the F55+ Club to share ideas, raise issues, and connect with peers who are puzzling over key questions like:

  • What motivates founders over 55? . . . is it about the money? the life-purpose? the intellectual, creative, and social engagement? mutual learning with the next generation(s)? 

  • What drives the success of our ventures? . . . is it lifelong experience and wisdom? renewed curiosity? blending the old with the new?

  • What resources are most valuable/needed? . . . access to capital, markets, and partners? alternative sources of funding for encore founders who don't "fit" the typical VC profile? tips for engaging multi-generational teams?

  • What are the practical challenges and best-practices? . . . balancing a healthy lifestyle with the rigorous demands of running a successful business in today's hyper-competitive climate? balancing accumulated wealth with the risk of starting something new? getting visibility in the ecosystem? strategies to combat ageism bias?


The F55+ Club is an initiative of AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer and Aging Better. AGENCY is equal parts coworking at CIC, programming, and an international community of innovators to make the aging journey better for all. 

We look forward to meeting you!

F55+ Club Steering Committee:  Mary Cronin, Doug Dickson, Danielle D. Duplin, Scott Guthry, Jerry Wolonsenko


F55+ Framework for Startup Stages & Founder's Focus

Meetup #11



June 22, 2021

4pm - 5:30pm ET


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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you have to do to launch and build your startup, we're here to help! We’re excited to share a signature F55+ framework as an essential guide for your journey as an entrepreneur. With insights and anecdotes from our special guest, seasoned entrepreneur, and advisor, Mike Dornbrook.

With hosts F55+ Steering Committee: Danielle D. Duplin, Jerry Wolosenko, Mary J Cronin, Doug Dickson, Paul D. Michaels

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Community Conversations: State of the 50+ Entrepreneur

Meetup #10



March 31, 2021

3pm - 4pm ET


We're trying something new here ... a 'virtual watch party' followed by an F55+ community feedback session! Watch AARP, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Public Private Strategies tackle the pressing challenges faced by 50+ entrepreneurs in their event on Tues., March 30th, 2pm - 4:30pm ET; Then, join us to add your voice to the conversation the next afternoon to discuss what we learned and where we go from here ~

With hosts F55+ Steering Committee: Danielle D. Duplin, Jerry Wolonsenko, Mary J Cronin, Doug Dickson, Paul D. Michaels

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Ageless Startup: Fireside Chat with author Rick Terrien

Meetup #9



Feb 10, 2021

4pm - 5:30pm ET


"The world needs you. You have time to make a difference, and you have the experience, resilience, and drive to make it. " We invite you to learn from Rick Terrien, an award-winning entrepreneur and author of “Ageless Startup: How to Start a Business at Any Age”.  Join us for a fabulous Fireside Chat to discuss Rick’s ‘field guide’ that helps you bridge from employee to entrepreneur, or from empty-nester to business-owner.

With host, Danielle D. Duplin, cofounder of AGENCY

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The Crucial Role of Mentorship

Meetup #8



Dec 7, 2020

4pm - 5:30pm ET


How to find and build valuable relationships with expert mentors who can help you overcome business roadblocks and grow as a leader.

Presented by Katja Wald (MIT Enterprise Forum), Bill Hulsey & Ramesh Advani (SCORE), Kevin Moforte Madsen (EforAll), Paul D. Michaels (GetFitMadeEasy), with host Danielle D. Duplin (AGENCY)

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Winning Money, Mentors, and More for your Startup

Meetup #7



Sep 30, 2020

4pm - 5:30pm ET


Join us to meet Debi Kleiman, expert mentor, and marketer, who will share her tips and strategies from her new book First Pitch to help you build strategic relationships and deliver a pitch that is concise, compelling, and clear. You will:

  • Discover what works and what doesn’t to bring your startup to life for your audience.

  • Use the 4H Framework to create a flow for your presentation that engages listeners and creates an emotional connection.

  • Master all-important relationship building tactics that can get you the resources you need to get to the next step.

Hosted by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY

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Angel Investing to Launch & Grow your Encore Startup

Meetup #6



Aug 13, 2020

Virtual Venture Cafe Cambridge

Angel Investors are an attractive route for encore entrepreneurs to get early-stage funding and build strategic relationships to fuel long term growth. Join us to learn how to find, woo, and work with angel investors.  We'll discuss the basics of pitching to angels, what they look for in a founder and their startup, how to make connections with individuals vs. angel groups . . . with plenty of time for your questions and virtual networking!


Speakers include deeply experienced angel investors: Anita Brearton, Managing Director, Golden Seeds investment group and Vice Chairman of the Board at MassVentures Detlef Rethage, member of Launchpad Venture Group LLC; Hosted by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY

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Access to Capital to Fund your Encore Company

Meetup #5



June 18, 2020

Virtual Venture Cafe Cambridge

You've got decades of life experience, a wide professional network, and a killer business idea to launch a company as your encore career.  And yet, many encore founders miss out on VC funding presumably due to their age.  Join us to learn different ways to access creative capital to fund your new venture.  You'll get an overview of the funding landscape and the sources that best match the company you want to build, with plenty of time for your questions and virtual networking!


Presented by Doug Dickson, Encore Boston Network and Mike Bevilacqua, KPM Accounting Solutions; Hosted by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY

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Encore Entrepreneurship: Research & Case Studies 

Meetup #4


Apr 9, 2020

Virtual Venture Cafe Cambridge

  • Keynote with Professor Cal Halvorsen, PhD, MSW, at the Boston College School of Social Work, and Public Voices Fellow with Encore.org, with a foundation on plus-50 entrepreneurs, including entrepreneurship rates and motivations, social entrepreneurship in later life, and the diverse set of people aged 50 to 70 who report a high level of interest in starting new businesses and nonprofits.

  • Panel with F55+ Club members: Mary Cronin, serial entrepreneur and founder of Life-Notes,  Stephen Opie, a career-switch entrepreneur and founder of SweetMobility, and, Dianne Austin, a cancer survivor turned social innovator and founder of Coils to Locs  

  • Plenty of time for your questions, facilitated by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY

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Block Buster Workshop #1

Meetup #3


Feb 6, 2020

Venture Cafe Cambridge

Join us for a highly interactive "Block Buster Workshop" where each of you can share practical and zany ideas for the challenges we all face as encore entrepreneurs and how to unblock the barriers in your path. Together we'll unpack the most promising ideas that the F55+ Club should pursue going forward. You'll forge new relationships, have lots of laughs, and leave with tips and insights to help you with your business venture [and bonus: you'll learn a new facilitation technique to use in your own company].  Facilitated by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY

Never Too Late to Startup

Meetup #2


Oct. 10, 2019

Venture Cafe Cambridge

Fireside Chat with Rob Kornblum, startup adviser and author of “Never Too Late to Startup: How Mid-Life Entrepreneurs Create Wealth, Freedom & Purpose”, hosted by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY.  Followed by breakouts so you can meet each other and add your voice to the conversation.

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Inaugural Founders Over 55+ Club 

Meetup #1


June 6, 2019

Venture Cafe Cambridge

Do what you've always wanted to do!  Now's the time . . .


Are you a 55+ year old entrepreneur/business leader?  Or want to launch a startup?  Join us for the Founders Over 55 Club debut @VentureCafe!  Meet fellow encore founders and discuss your goals, aspirations, roadblocks, and how a community can help with your next steps.


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