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We invite you to collaborate with AGENCY as a Strategic Partner.   The powerful combination of your corporate resources and reach with AGENCY's innovators and startups can make all the difference in getting critical and creative new products and services to millions of consumers worldwide.   As an AGENCY Partner, you'll discover & accelerate elder-centric solutions to market, position your company brand as a pioneer in aging and longevity innovation, and help shape the global narrative on aging well. 


Benefits for Strategic Partners include: 

  • Executive Visibility:  Your leaders will help craft strategic content for AGENCY events and be featured as thought leaders at our symposia, demo-days, and think tanks.

  • Solution Scouting:  Our consultants will deep dive with you to help understand your organization's goals and unmet needs, and engage our global network to find creative products/services and/or spark new concepts.

  • Talent Development:  Your team will get a seat at CIC to be in the flow of ideas and meet thousands of resident cross-sector innovators.

  • Ecosystem Connections:  We'll broker meaningful connections with AGENCY researchers, startups, scaleups, industry experts, designers, academics, policymakers, and field practitioners.  Our goal is to unblock chokepoints in the ecosystem by opening up pathways for conversation and collaboration that allow innovation to thrive and solutions to scale.

Partner engagements vary based on your investment level, and may include :

  • Bespoke custom innovation event (e.g. Pitchfest, Reverse Pitch, Think Tank, Leadership Roundtable, etc.)

  • Program sponsorship aligned with your strategic objectives (e.g. Founders Over 55+ Club, 'Named' scholarship seats for startups at CIC, 'Named' Geroscience Innovation Internships with universities and hospitals, etc.)

  • AGENCY Partner's Council

  • AGENCY Expert Office Hours

  • Pilots with AGENCY sourced companies

  • Seats at AGENCY @cic

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Strategic Partners and Sponsors get first look for early investing and deeper engagement
  • Brand visibility

  • Talent Development

  • Content Curation

  • Think Tanks

  • Innovation Strategy

  • Scouting

  • Pilots

  • Supply Chain

  • Acquisition

  • Investing


AGENCY is a hub for collective impact where innovators improve the aging journey for all.  AGENCY offers ecosystem-as-a-service, premium coworking space at CIC's in 10 cities, and thought leadership programs.  We help corporates to source solutions, innovators to scale products to market, and founders to grow companies that serve the world's aging populations.  Together, we can reduce the stress and enhance the joy of growing older worldwide.


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