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Apr 11

5:30 - 9PM  ET


245 Main St. 

Cambridge, MA

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Entrepreneurship for the Longevity Revolution

MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge

Join us to explore how the massive shift in the demographics of aging worldwide is also generating massive entrepreneurial opportunities across all sectors.

Featuring speakers from MIT, Benchmark Senior Living, Life BioSciences, imaginostics, and with host Jody Holtzman and emcee Danielle D. Duplin

Entrepreneurship for the Longevity Revolution



The massive shift in the demographics of aging is generating unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities. The world needs scalable, tech-enabled innovations that serve the evolving needs of the rapidly increasing older adult population.

This emerging phenomenon – The Longevity Economy- will drive change in every aspect of life from health care and social services to new hardware and software solutions that allow people to live truly connected, healthier fulfilling lives.

Today’s 50+ year-olds control almost 80% of US aggregate net worth and they are increasingly more tech-savvy. They are heavy users of the Internet and social networking, they spend more money online than either Gen X or Gen Y consumers and they are looking for innovations to help them age well, including access to affordable and quality:

  • lifelong engagement and aging in community

  • medical care

  • economic security

  • service-enriched housing

  • mobility

  • assistance with activities of daily living

  • age-friendly products that are designed without stigma

  • radical advances in brain health and chronic disease management


Companies that fully grasp the opportunities generated by the Longevity Economy will enjoy a 106 million-plus market (in the U.S.) that is expected to spend $20 billion in 2020 for elder focused products and services alone. Come learn how you can participate in the Longevity Economy from industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are blazing the trail.


The MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge is proud to produce this event in partnership with AGENCY - a co-working space for collective impact where innovators focused on aging and longevity can grow their companies.


Jody Holtzman, Senior Managing Partner, Longevity Venture Advisors, LLC


Moulay Elalamy, Vice President, IT, Benchmark Senior Living
Codi Gharagouzloo, CEO, Imaginostics
Phil Lambert, Senior Vice President, Discovery and Labs, Life Biosciences
Kendra Seavey, Clinical Administration Director,


Danielle D. Duplin, Cofounder, and Global Launch Director, AGENCY



Registration & Networking: 5:30 - 6:00 PM
Welcome and Panel Discussion: 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Networking hour after the event: 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Program Partner

((original event link at MIT Enterprise Forum website is here) 

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