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May 8

5:30 - 9PM  ET


245 Main St. 

Cambridge, MA


Advanced Voice Tech for Older Adults

Aging2.0 Boston, and Age-Friendly Ventures

Join us to learn how companies integrate voice tech into product experiences to help older adults lead more engaged, safe, and independent lives. 

Featuring speakers from MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs, MIT Media Lab, Dragon Systems, Pillo Health, Orbita, LifePod, Care.Coach, with moderator by Sally Abrahms and host Danielle D. Duplin



Advanced Voice Tech for Older Adults




Over 50% of consumers in the developed world use voice assistants in their everyday life, from calling home from their car, to searching the internet, bringing up their favorite music and ordering products and services. Voice First and AI platforms are poised to transform the way we carry out everyday tasks, interact with loved ones and access what we want or need. For older adults, these low-tech, low-cost technologies not only improve their lives, but allow them to stay independent.

Join us to learn how companies that create products geared to the 50+ demographic have integrated voice into their designs. Our speakers have deep experience in voice technology as well as first-hand knowledge of what works—and doesn’t-- how to incorporate voice into a product and design experiences to match the unique needs of older users.


Welcome Remarks

Robin Lipson, Chief of Staff for the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Janet Baker,  M.I.T. Media Lab and Co-founder of Dragon Systems: 

   -- An overview of the evolution of advanced voice technology


James Wyman, Co-founder and COO of Pillo Health

Nate Treloar, President & COO of Orbita

Stuart Patterson, CEO of LifePod

Kendra Seavey, Clinical Administrative Director, Care.Coach

Moderated by Sally Abrahms, National Writer and Expert on 50+ Issues


Danielle D. Duplin, Cofounder and Global Executive Director, AGENCY

Program Partner

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