Global Call for Startups: P&G Ventures

What does it take to scale innovation for older adults to thrive at home? 

Your game-changing startup for ADLs meets a multinational, multi-billion dollar, multi-faceted consumer goods corporation with brands that have been trusted by people for over 180 years . . .

AGENCY is partnering with Procter & Gamble Ventures to scale ideas that help people age with choice and dignity. 
Apply to Collaborate 

The biggest threat to aging at home is our ability to manage Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) . . . Let's fix that.  

Do you have a solution to:

  • De-risk Showering

  • Improve Personal Hygiene 

  • Manage Continence (and UTI) 

  • Detect and Encourage Hydration

  • Maintain Skin Health 

  • Strengthen Mobility and Prevent Falls 


Does your solution:

  • Solve a hard problem in a dignified way 

  • Address the needs of both the older adult and those who care for them

  • Involve a fast-moving consumable product that is used frequently with noticeable superiority,  

  • Have early proof that people want to try it, like it, and want to use it again.

Are you looking for a recognized brand leader and channel partner who can help you:

  • Adapt and refine your innovation for a meaningful number of older consumers 

  • Develop a brand strategy that resonates

  • Overcome manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory, and marketing hurdles

  • Access global markets ?


If so, we want to meet you!! apply to collaborate with P&G Ventures here >> or reach out with questions here >>

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juL 9

4:00-5:00PM ET


Venture Cafe Cambridge

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Ask Me Anything: How to Design and Scale Innovative Consumer Goods for the World's Aging Populations 

Procter & Gamble, P&G Ventures

Learn from the world's largest CPG company how to (1) adapt your innovation for a meaningful number of older consumers; (2) develop a brand strategy that resonates; (3) overcome hurdles in manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory, and marketing; and (4) access global markets.

Presented by Chetan Parekh, Innovation Portfolio Leader, P&G Ventures; with host Danielle D. Duplin


Aug 6th

1:00-2:00PM ET

P&G Ventures: Scouting for Solutions for the World's Aging Populations 

Procter & Gamble


Venture Cafe Global

What does the world's largest CPG company look for in partnering with a startup to help consumers age with choice and dignity? How can products that serve one consumer demographic be reimagined to appeal to an older demographic? Join us for 'The Happening', a global gathering of Venture Cafe's around the world on the same day to innovate for our collective "better new normal".

Presented by Betsy Bluestone, Commercial Discovery Leader, P&G Ventures; with host Danielle D. Duplin, AGENCY


Aug 13th

5:00-6:00PM ET


Venture Cafe Miami

Cafe Conversations - Aging with Choice 

Procter & Gamble

The global pandemic is a clarion call to entrepreneurs and innovators across all sectors to help millions of consumers worldwide age with choice, dignity, and joy. Add your voice to the community conversation on innovating for self-care.

Presented by Chetan Parekh, Innovation Portfolio Leader, P&G Ventures; Danielle D. Duplin, AGENCY, with host Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Executive Director Venture Cafe Miami

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AGENCY is a hub for collective impact where innovators improve the aging journey for all.  AGENCY offers ecosystem-as-a-service, premium coworking space at CIC's in 10 cities, and thought leadership programs.  We help corporates to source solutions, innovators to scale products to market, and founders to grow companies that serve the world's aging populations.  Together, we can reduce the stress and enhance the joy of growing older worldwide.


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