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Cowork at CIC

  • Full-time 24x7 CIC hot desk at AGENCY, and other CIC global locations, to build your company in a collegial, entrepreneurial environment

  • unmetered use of conference rooms and phone booths throughout CIC

  • official CIC business address with mail and package delivery

  • access to CIC Portal (participate in CIC's global community with thousands of innovative companies, attend a range of business-building and networking events, use additional CIC services, book conference rooms, etc.)

  • deeper engagement with AGENCY programs, extended community, and advisory services (e.g. pitch coaching, strategy feedback, etc.)

  • potential opportunity to host and/or co-curate events aligned with your company mission to raise awareness and develop business leads

  • all AGENCY Connector benefits

  • and so much more as our ecosystem grows!!

  • from $460/month per seat



  • priority access and/or discount tickets to AGENCY produced events (public and private when applicable)

  • meet with visiting stakeholders, scholars, and influencers via AGENCY Expert Office Hours

  • potential speaking opportunities at AGENCY produced events (e.g. thought leadership symposia, pitchfests, demo days, think tank deep dives, etc.)

  • active participation in AGENCY Members-Only Roundtables

  • active participation in AGENCY slack channels to exchange ideas, resources, news, milestones, etc. with our growing community

  • visibility with AGENCY partners (e.g. government, industry, academia, senior care associations, etc. )

  • visibility on AGENCY communications channels (e.g. social media, blog posts, newsletter, etc.)

  • concierge connections to potential collaborators

  • complimentary occasional use of AGENCY hot desk seat at CIC

  • from $99/month per member

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